Eli and Kleiner discuss their plans for the anti-mass spectrometer at Black Mesa

I felt like taking advantage of this map and make a Black Mesa style picture. Whether or not I Want it related to the recent Vortigaunt pictures I don’t know and won’t say. I’m not too sure why I signed it and put black bars. but I guess it turned out rather well.


I hate how white models do horribley when it comes to AA, apparently.

i mostly like the posing of the ragdolls behind em’

They’re really not that well posed at all :v:

But at least I gave the illusion.

A Morgan Freeman narrarated Visa commercial was on in the background when I opened this pic. When I saw young Eli I was like “Holyshit Morgan Freeman is talking to me through the picture” :derp:

Sweet pic.

(And that black dude seriously looks like Freeman)

For a second there my brain registered ‘A Gordon Freeman narrated Visa commercial’. I was like ‘Gordon doesn’t talk, what’s he on aobut?’


Thanks anyhow. :slight_smile:

Its good, but to be a time line faggot then Eli and Kleiner would have more hair and colour, less aged skin.

I wouldn’t want to go through the trouble of trying to reskin them to look younger, because my skinning skills are menial.

But I know what you mean.

I like it.

What’s with his finger :confused:
Simple, but nice.

I don’t think white hair for either of them makes sense, but well done anyhow.

Whose? Kleiners? I’m not sure, what’s wrong with it?

Why is eli’s chin missing?

Isn’t that eli a reskin of a rebel with eli’s skin on the face?

His finger looks like … Hmm… like he just took it off someone’s ass.

That would explain why he is so funny looking. :stuck_out_tongue:

Kleiner was giving Eli a prostate exam earlier.

“Yes. There is shit on the end of my finger. Am I proud? Of course.”

“Ah, Izzy, once again you astound me by your intellect.”

Oh yeah, what map is that?


Strategically placed ‘Hardly Working’ mug? Just kidding, your more casual poses are a good rest compared to the other crazy pictures.