Eli + Isaac escape from MNU


face posing looks pretty bad. they look to happy in that sort of situation

Eli is sleeping?

no he died from starvation. it’s africa - they don’t have food.


the red cross shipment didn’t come in that day because mnu confiscated it

ITs strange how driver is alive.

he’s a scientist studying the effects of ebola on natives


mnu pays him with chicken nuggets and grillin beans

where did you get the car?



Awesome car!

MNU is a pile of shipping containers?

Yes, the directors couldn’t afford any other actors exept for the coffee guy (driving) and a corpse they dug up.

So now MNU stands for:
Massive Native Ultracontainer

Eli looks like hes on drugs and doesn’t know what the hell is going on

Kleiner looks like he took some pills and has gone total minge bag

No. Not good.