Elite n' Pwnag3: Episode #?? - Growing up sucks.

And you guys thought I was dead.

I can’t blame you, I thought I was too.


[sp]This might be an old joke that’s gone around and everyone’s heard, the person who told me the joke made it seem that way- but I liked it so much I had to turn it into a comic and hope most people hadn’t heard it yet.[/sp]

Holy shit you’re alive. Too bad no one has seen Near in a Year.

Talked with him while making the comic. :wink:

It’s [sp] everyone dies [ /sp] not everyone dies

Thanks, I’ll go put that text back up. I haven’t been around for a while.

holy fukc

it’s you


i’ve seen near, he appeared in the fast anime thread a little while ago

I’m so surprised Near would fuck a tree. I thought he loved hentai?

Also, awesome comic

Hey, you… I like this, I like you.


Ahaha, that was amazing.

I evacuated the comic section some year ago due to lots of real-life happenings.

I’ve been graduating, getting a girlfriend, getting a temporary job and fixing and patching some other stuff.


Might as well start making comics soon again, who knows?

T’was an awesome comic there Pwnag3 my boy. I think the episode number is 20, by the way, unless you got some issues hidden in your harddrive.

Nah, you’re dead! You’re dead!

Good comic Pwnag3, long time no see.

Now that’s hillarious and disgusting at the same time… :v:

And I guess a mutilated ressurected pwag3 is better than a dead pwang3 eh? Eh? Eh… ?

hides voodoo stuff

I never saw Near as dead personally, mr. undead here on the other hand…

Oh shit, t3h pwnag3 and near_elite are still alive!?

The great old ones return.

We definitely were over #20, I remember there being at least a #21 if not a #22.

Also, yeah, go make a few comics damnit.

Well I’ll be damned, the greatest pair of comic makers ever to grace FP are back, and not dead.

Indeed. :smiley:

So many goldies D:

The comic was amazing, I lol’d bad.

:open_mouth: Pwnag3 is still alive, that’s awesome! :smiley:

Nice comic by the way!

it smells like old people in here