ElixWhitetail... Why is scenery upgrade so impt?

I thought the current map was pretty good as is…

Do they have to get the map generation correct before they move forward with other things?

When the higher-ups mentioned that they were shifting their focus to playability I was surprised to see such a big update concentrated on scenery.

Not complaining, love the game. Just wondering why the emphasis of scenery upgrade vs. playability?

Correct me if I’m wrong, I think scenery is still an ongoing thing, and they actually have one guy working specifically on the terrain generator, while other programmers are working on things like playabililty, features, audio, etc. So when you see updates concerning scenery, that doesn’t necessarily mean that that’s the only thing they focused on during that update period, it’s actually quite the opposite. :slight_smile:

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and a scenery (graphics) update is important to up the games immersion and feel, but, obviously 60+ fps is the most important thing, but you have to deal with that after

FYI I am not on the Rust development team, nor am I an employee of FP Studios at all.

Also learn to differentiate the work done by artists versus the work done by coders. You don’t want your concept artists coding the building system (unless they’re also competent coders).

Also, part of the focus towards getting the game more playable like legacy was to enhance the map, because player feedback to garry was that the procedural maps are so much more empty than legacy’s hand-placed map elements. A barren, empty wasteland is boring to play in.

Perhaps he was adding impact to his request by referencing an Rust influencer, a Rust forum cultural icon, a straight up give-it-like-it-is kinda guy, OR…

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The new landscape/scenery generation is incredible. I played last night for a couple hours on the dev branch and the fps have improved greatly since just a couple days ago. This update will be well worth it!

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Mate, classic issue with bad PM approach. For a game like this they should be focusing on getting infrastructure in place before they do other things. This is self-evident from the ridiculous amount of changes being made to basic things all over the place.

The monthly sprints they’re going to do now should focus on implementing core focused changes first. Then adding scalability and expanded features as a part of the latter two. Otherwise there’s no point in having a bloody roadmap. Sure, have artists work on concepts and flush out the design. But implemention at the right time is important.

Plain and simple, the group does great work but does it in a really weird way.

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