Ellen and Amanda Ripley from Pinball FX/Alien Isolation!

I say they’re from Isolation because they’re basically using the same models. The Alien is identical, I assume Amanda is too. Anyway, here’s Ellen from the Aliens table and Amanda from the Isolation table! Ripped, so no bones, but I know that if you have Isolation, Amanda’s skeleton IS there in the game and can probably be used as a model for this…


Thanks !

Aliens Ellen Ripley and Ripley’s pulse rifle


Do you know if anyone has managed to rip the ship and interior models from Alien Isolation yet.

Hate to bump an old thread like this, but I am curious as to how you go about ripping models from Pinball FX? I’d love to rip the Alien(s) and Predator models from the game for use in gmod/sfm.

OpenMaw, Why just why?