Ellie - The Last of Us

Description from wiki:

Ellie is the deuteragonist and secondary playable character of The Last of Us and the protagonist of American Dreams and Left Behind. A fourteen-year-old survivor, Ellie is “mature beyond her years” as a result of the circumstances of her environment. She is voiced and mo-capped by Ashley Johnson.




She’s fully poseable 16 Face flexes (if you count Blank as a flex, and yes it’s few as fuck, I’ll add more when I stop being a lazy twat), backpack bodygroup, and hurt skingroup, you can pose her hair with Joint Tool, this is used better with Ragdoll Mover Tool.


(I’ll make a mediafire mirror when my internet stops being a bitch)


Naughty Dog - For Ellie character;
LegalSouls - For modelling her (excellent job, pal!);
MrGameboy - For rigging her;
Me - For porting her to Garry’s Mod;

Enjoy :wink:

I know one guy who would enjoy this.


is that the most up to date version or the one thats on XNALara?

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“Mr. Gameboy - for rigging her”
why is it every port of this custom model has to be an outdated version?

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I mean, it isn’t the worst port ive seen of it, atleast.

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the port the takes the icing on the cake for the worst ellie port goes to the one on the L4D2 workshop

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Mr. Gameboy, never called you port shit, as the outdated version is the one you had at the time, and the updated one didn’t come out way later.
trololguy, never called your port shit either, yours is best currently out there, I just wished you used the most up to date version.
Dub!, hehehehhehe

Aw :frowning:
You don’t use my textures.
Anyway amazing job. :slight_smile:

Well shit! Good release, man.

Great Job mate!
For some reasons all your PM’s were empty, I’ll whip up a test picture and post it in this thread in a few hours!


I think the textures are a bit off. Maybe more than a bit.

Now you can all the creepy pedophile Gmod porn you want, Dub!


Seems like I missed out on Facepunch Drama.

What did Dub do?

dub loves ellie
but its ok because hes 15!!!11!1

Sounds like 30 pages of Facepunch Drama summed up in 3 less time consuming sentences. Thanks.

Gabriel could you recompile the Ellie Model to make it work in Source Filmmaker as well? It’s completely invisible there aka can’t be used, the rig and everything shows up but the model itself doesnt.
And probably use Emile’s updated textures?

Still an awesome job!

Her chest is a pain to pose

rip in pieces

Man, just use ragdoll mover, I’m not good with physics, also if you’re gona use physics gun, grab her head instead of the chest, it’s easier to pose this way.

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AFAIK, there’s already a SFM version, also I used his textures (atleast the ones that he sent me), and I can’t really do a SFM port because I don’t know how to port to SFM and I don’t use it.

I jerk off to fictional woman and I’m a teen so its OK

That’s p much the argument every time

Alright Ill just try to recompile it somehow for SFM.

I’m 20 is that ok too

where? i cant find anything through the workshop.

It was not meant for SFM, I don’t know how to port to it, and am not interested in learning, as I don’t use it.

And if I recall correctly there’s already a SFM port of Ellie.