Elliot goes to school

A tale of a young man going to a new highschool for the first time. A very fast-paced comedy.

You may have to rewind a few times to get what they just said

Not my video, because some people are too stupid to realize that it’s OK to promote someone elses work

Incredibly late, and It’s not even your video…

I never said it was my video

Plus i didn’t see it here in the pages, so…

Still late. You gotta check, search and check again.
And how come is everyone in the 19’s? And after the 19’s (Like to 2008)? I mean tomorrow for me it is 2010.


Hey guys! A guy named Gabe Newell said he was making an innovative game called Half-Life! There is no way he can do it!

The maturity of the Garry’s Mod section is exploding at the seams.

NO WAY! Where’d you read that?!?!

The music is too annoying for me to watch it :frowning:

DUDE, I hope it runs in my Pentium III I just bought! That was so expensive!

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