Ellis about to fight the terrible Zoey/Scylla


NOTE: If anyone wants to edit this, then please do.

Got a good laugh out of it, nice work :smiley:

If I get 3 more responses that say the image is decent, then I may or may not post thread music.

I’d have had all of them have arms, reaching for him. Just me, I do know that the Scylla did not have arms on it’s heads, though.



Actually I like this, Have a funny.

Zoey’s eyeposing seems very straight forward to what she wants.

Man, you’re fucked up.

I like you.


This is the stuff nightmares are made of.

Heh, this got more positive respoonses than I thought it would.


You shouldnt have blurred the entire picture.

But good god I lol’d

My anti-alias was not working for some reason, even though I have a geforce 9800 so I had to blur it a bit, any ideas?

I see a lot of potential good blow jobs there. Funny is deserved.