Ellis about to smash some heads with a baseball bat

C&C please

I think I’ve seen those kind of things already in the past.
Multiple times.

Probably, but it has better lighting now!

Lacks motion and emotion (as always :geno:), but the lighting is smexy

Why? It’s not like you listen :v:

stop making screenshots

“Original Ideas” is not easy to fix.


the time it takes to make one of these pictures could be spent going to a psychiatrist about your fucking morbid zombie obsession


courses explaining how to make aesthetically pleasing pictures

Well enlighten me then please, what do you want changed except the theme?

It’s a home run!

· the unappealing lighting
· the shitty color scheme
· the atrocious composition
· the apparent fact that ellis has a congenital spinal deformity
· the horrendous face posing
· everything

Original scene from most of zombie film/games.
But…I really love lighting and Jockey face looks so funny. xD

for some odd reason i think his face is kind of strange i cant quite put my finger on it tho

Wow, didnt know its that bad.

“Batter up!”

I had to do it.

Honestly he’s just trying to back up his BS
I can do that pose with no problem basically it’s just leaning back and doing sort of scrunch.
The colors need some work yeah.
I always try to go for rembrandt style always all though not always possible.
The face posing is kind of weird It looks like he is taking a breath or something.
Tone down the blur and find a interesting subject and you will be golden

that’s funny, i didn’t know you could contort your body into a backwards ‘S’ with ease. do you take physical therapy three times a week for your severe hyperlordosis?

yep, definitely ‘rembrandt style’

after you go on to agree with 80% of the points i made
i guess you’re trying to back up my ‘BS’ as well; thanks, champ!!

Well I was a bit sick of my disco style colors so I tried to bring some change. The face posing is retarded I agree.


ouch. that’s gotta hurt.

combine: personally i like the lighting. posing and faceposing are fairly lazy and the composition could be better.

Lighting is great imo. But you could have had Ellis looking more terrified/angry that a horde is coming down on his head. And maybe having him swinging his bat or bludgeoning something to death with it. Be creative.
Also could have picked a more exciting angle imo.