Ellis and Zoey cuddle together.


^With a blue hue.

I took a break from the WWI posing.

Little to no editing, just added the shadow before Zoey’s head and I just ran the main pic through some color correcting and etc.



D’awwwww. :3


nice, but the contrast

Yea contrast. But sweet love and good posing. Have heart.

aw so cute :smiley:

well, i eased up on the contrast

Why so blurry

dawwww :3:

Rape mode engaged.

My music > Your music

Ellis looks like something is really concerning him, and using Zoey’s head as a headrest.

I fucking laughed so hard.

I thought Ellis was gay.

Now with > Music

I like the atmosphere. Just for some reason her eye shadow and brushed skin look out of place. Sort of.

Just a little lower…

I think that’s from the post-processing.

Cool, when i saw the image i was like :I then i heard the song then i was like :3: it reminds me of Austin Powers 2.