Ellis and Zoey Generically stand around with M4s


I did like this one enough to think I should make a thread for it, C&C appreciated, I’m still trying to learn the dos and don’ts of editing

Ellis was bit by a werewolf, Zoey. Watch out.

I like Zoey’s little head-swap. Ellis looks too much like that eel guy from Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End.

Those are HK416s.


omg i can see zoeys belly button, child pron!!!1

okay, that doesn’t help me much, but thanks anyway.

thanks, I’m realizing it’s hard as hell getting the swapped heads to look like they belong on the bodies, Zoey was especially hard this time, since that fear model’s proportions are weird, I had to do some inflating on the rest of her body so she didn’t look like a small headed amazon.

I always feel stupid asking this, but do you have the link for the model you used for Zoey’s body?

Anyway, not bad. The editing is decent, simple but effective. I see only two issues. The most obvious being the fact that their heads don’t entirely match their bodies. But also, Ellis’ finger posing on his right hand. Still, nice job.

Gotta sort out the jpeg quality.

They’re not holding the grips properly

Pretty nice.

its either that or a LWRC PSD

The head swap is kinda visible at the neck, just watch out for that.

Nice pic, anyways.


But its strange to notice more and more Ellis + Zoey pics

it’s probably because of the passing I guess, I just like using the L4D characters because their faces look the best IMO.

anyway thanks guys!

They look pretty together.

The skin looks too different from Zoey’s head/neck, that should be easy to fix though…

I tried to fix it but I ended up fucking it up, so I figured this was the better option.

Which models did you use for Ellis and Zoey?

Zoey always looks hotter with body armor and a gun.

She looks the hottest in my basement. It’s really hot.


Ellis is a MW2 operator and Zoey is Sgt. Stokes from fear 2

Lol genericbullshit.

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