Ellis and Zoey watching an offscreen television to end a great Valentines Date

I think there’s something on Ellis’ face.

There are a lot of banana peels in the trash can.

Work on your face posing. It’s fucking horrendous.

wipe that fucking smirk off of zoey’s face. that’s fucking retarded

holy shit, Was not expecting that

Ellis is not getting any head tonight.

The posing is decent, but the Photoshop effects are bland.

You should’ve quit while you were ahead.

I’m so proud right now.

That’s not what they mean by “Giving head”

Holy shit, what happened on that date?


That was actually pretty good :stuck_out_tongue:

the face posing,where is it?

wow, clicked on this 'cuz my sister thought it might’ve been cute.
Don’t think she’ll be playing L4D any time soon, or wandering about Facepunch any time soon…

I somehow expected this.


Zoey tried to give Ellis a footjob(or in this case, a shoejob) and it was so amazing both of their heads exploded?