Ellis Cornered


Yeah she looks like man, That’s because she is one.

Was about time for a change around really.

It’s nice, i like it.

Is that Zoey? How the hell did you do that? Awesome picture. Have artistic.

I like the smoke you added to the chainsaw.

Thats Jill’s combat suit right? Is it a head hack or just inflator tool?

Anyway its awesome, the lights and the way you edited the atmosphere looks nice.
Nice posing and smoke too.

I love the hair editing and Nick’s face.
“You’re in deep shit now man.”


Thanks everyone :smiley:

Ah, good to see Zoey getting a little payback against that Ellis.
Good work!

Nick looks really camp.

Ellis holds a chainsaw to zoey everyone rages but the other way around nobody cares.


Let me explain. This is cute little Zoey. She can disembowel a innocent unsuspecting family man which have donated his whole life for charity and have discovered a cure for cancer. She will still be cute little Zoey. And people are fine with this because…

Well she is cute little Zoey… See?

The difference is, this picture is actually good, albeit some small errors.

I agree.
Thats quality!

Hmmm, the neck seems a little longish. Tis alright though.

Looks nice.

It looks pretty scary :ohdear:

Also who is that on the floor by Nick?

Wesker it looks.

Had a damn hard time getting the head neck size right, I agree it is a bit longish.



Thanks again!

Lol now I noticed.
Giraffe Zoey! Hilarious!!!

Gasp! You can’t hit Wesker…Wesker hits you. Well… (RE5 spoiler sorta) [sp]Chris can.[/sp]