Ellis' Dick in a Bile Jar



Yeah the only funny thing about this at all was the video, the pose seems like you’re trolling. (A BIT)

The picture had some humor to it. The video made me laugh.

Oh Butty Butty Butty. What is this?

Nice expressions and posing. Have a god damn funny. I laughed.

At the video to.

How so? There’s nothing involving rape or dildos in the pic.

Yeah i know but cock in jar? Really?

What do you think happens when the jar is opened and exposed to something? Look at where Zoey is pointing at.

I can barely see Zoey’s hand what with the shitty source grass in the way.

Why are you fucking disagreeing with what i can’t see??

Stop being silly CaMpEr DoOd. Butthurter isn’t trolling

The grasses aren’t blocking her hands that much. You can still see the glock and her left hand aiming at the bile jar.

Use a 44 or 45 barrel gun model. Glock is for pussies:biggrin:

True, but the L4D2 gun models are too sexy for me not to use them.

Improvising on lube eh?

I guess that’s why Rochelle is too close to him.

I was thinking the same, but couldn’t bring myself to point it out. Reminded me of a song I once heard from a local black metal band. “Chocking on a dead dick” they called it.

Verse 3 (I think) describes how she vomits over it.


I remember the verse.

“Even dead. Suck the head” it went.

Well, that reminds me of one of karimatrix’ older poses.

I thought Ellis’s dick would be cut off and placed in a jar in the modified items pack.

I wouldn’t do that to my Ellis. It’s the Scout that I can do that to.

The Scout doesn’t have a dick. He has a baseball bat. Which is a replacement dick. Ask anyone with issues:biggrin:

According to Zoey’s pesky Ubersaw, not anymore that is.