Ellis fears for the future while standing next to Rochelle


This idea came to me in a dream. C&C.

Did you also try highlighting?
you could try to get more of those little details but the shading looks good for a first try :buddy:

I dont like lamp tool
it’s always make dissolove on wall.
damn it.

It is pretty good apart from the shadows on the wall. I have had the same problem from time to time.

Damn, I was hoping that Ellis is running away from a very mad Roclelle with an axe.


Blur the edges of the shadows. Lighting is cool.

Thanks for the comments, next time, I’ll blur the shadows.

I like it. And damn, the Desert Eagle is just cool. :c00l:

Too bad source shadows suck

It’s alright

Poor Rochelle, she teamed up with a coward :C Be strong girl! Be strong!

Looking good, Mr. Fever.

This occurred to me in a dream, but I didn’t include what happened next. After the scene I posed, Ellis kills Rochelle with a chainsaw. I decided to cut that part out to keep the atmosphere.

Ohh, then RUN GIRL RUN!

Make a sequel for this and post it in the Shocking Poses.

Can do. But I have just bought BioShock 2, and I will be playing that for a while.

*You rat bastard… I thought I knew you.

*I’ll just make a response to it in this thread:

Yeah, the shadows are kinda wierd.

He’d have to show a lot of fear in her and make sure she has no chance of defending herself. If not what I described, then my link earlier would be fine.