Ellis Feeds the Gators

Little somethin’ I made. Title says it all.

haha, you on that shit

That’s amazing. Great video haha.

feeeeeeed the gators. love it.

Pretty funny. Good job.

Lol. Why does everyone kill off rochelle in the first 5 seconds of their videos?

Funny stuff.

Quick question, how many screenshots did it take for coach’s talking and winking anims?

or was that something done with an outside sync program?

and ellis’s when he was talking to rochell

My favorite part was the engi at the end. Don’t know why.

I laughed my ass off at this,Good job.

It was all frame-by-frame, and I just press the record button in FRAPS for a split second after I get the facepose I like. Last time I took abunch of screenshots, the quality was a little out of place in comparison to my video footage so I don’t take screenshots anymore. And I honestly don’t remember how many little bits of footage I took for the faceposing, it wasn’t a whole lot.

Nice job with the lip-sync, it can be kinda challenging to get good lip-sync with non-TF2 characters.

LoL :smiley:
Awesome work!