Ellis fighting Zoey whle the others watch in the background (another teaser)


Refer to this thread for details:

Matrix 4 ladies and gentlemen. Starring Ellis and Zoey’s. In the words of Butthead. This is gonna be cool.

You mean Butthurter?

EDIT: nevermind, He was thinking of a show, I was thinking of someone else.

I see penis.

Nope. Butthead. In Beavis and Butthead.

Must’ve been the way the model bends and the way the lamp and post processing happened.


She sucks at punching. If that actually hit, it would hurt her.

Cool picture you got there. Rated an artistic.

Aha. So you’re doing martial arts poses as well?

If you need help posing kicks and such, I’m available.

Only comments about this picture:
On that map, type in mat_specular0, that gets rid of the purple reflection on the walls.

Ellis’s forearm seems to be clipping with Zoey’s, so watch out for that.

I think their postures could be better, and more interesting, but that’s just me.

Do you mind if I try and pose just Zoey and Ellis as an example of hand-to-hand combat stances?

< Butthurter’s post here >

he’s always thinking about butthurter

I couldn’t resist:madmax:

You don’t understand, when the other Zoeys are standing still, their energy and endurance are divided equally to ones that aren’t, and since there is only one Zoey fighting in this scene, Ellis will need something big to even match Zoey’s strength and power. So if that would hurt a normal human being, Zoey would just feel a mosquito bite.

Thanks for the command, I thought I had to do some fancy post processing to stop that.

Must’ve been an oversight, I wanted Ellis to be hitting Zoey’s arm out of the way, and since a jacket sleeve would move right that, I thought it wouldn’t be a bad idea, apparently, it looked better in my head than I thought.

I was planning on making the poses alot better in the comic when I start it…

Why not? I want to improve enough for my series.

Posing on Zoey is pretty bad, if you cover Ellis it looks like she’s being pulled. Everything else is pretty awesome though

That first pic is very creepy with the clones in the background.

I was planning on referencing a lot of works in my comic, the matrix trilogy, Bioshock, Zeno Clash and the L4D series (obviously) just to name a few.

Well, Dems, I have to say that this is pretty okay. I like the posing, but the main Zoey could have had her upper arm a little bit more posed.

I’m not waiting until July to see ellis dead.

I’m not waiting to the day I get L4D2 just to see him dead by a shotgun to the head either.