Ellis gives Zoey some pills




It was rape drugs, but Louis had to ruin it. :Dawkins102:

She is really going to need those pain pills after that.

domestic abuse haha

Oh Ellis, you dirty whore :v:

All I could think of during the third picture was “Hunter Pounced Zoey!” and then the music that goes along with it when you get pounced while she was getting beaten.


The three first was good, but the last one, the punch didn’t buy me…
Her jaw doesn’t react to the blow, her mouth is strange, and there doesn’t seem to be any “force” in the blow.

Is that revenge for Zoey punching him?

I laughed. Though the last one could use some editing to give a it a feel of motion. Otherwise, it’s pretty good.

Reminded me of this:

I though this would be a nice touching moment until I saw the username of who posted it.

*Demoniclemon. *


Indeed. :v:

Louis and pills in the same vicinity is not a good thing.
He will take the pain killers from a child in agony the bastard.
He would attack drug addicts on the street and suck then dry.
He would eat his way through steel enhanced medical lockers.
He would… Well you get the point. Funny served.

That’s right, Louis. You let her know who the boss is.

I imagined him shoving the bottle up her ass, but ok.

“A wild Louis has appeared!”


“It’s a trap!”