"Ellis got bitten and turned into a hunter" or "The Combines Inflator works again"

Fuck yeah


so when he got bitten did he decide to put on a hoodie and cover himself in duct tape?

He obviously wants to fit in with his hunter friends.

Nice inflator job Combie, really well done, i would have thought it was a headhack if u didn’t mention the inflator use in the title.

The shading is kinda random.

Don’t be lazy, take your time, do it precisely.

Forgot to add a lamp, just wanted to practise working with the inflator again.
Still thank you!

Made me lol.

The idea is cool but Ellis’ face doesn’t look very zombie-like and the posing is just… very odd. The shading is confusing.

Hahaha. The next hunter I kill will be as Ellis. Deep irony.

Pretty damn good, i agree about lighting, does seem a bit random but it’s alright otherwise.

Not bad, but wouldn’t Ellis have been infected way before this? If he’s a survivor, you’re immune.

Anyway, nice picture. I love using the inflator tool.

ehhh, he sucks anyway

Yeah, I hate Ellis. I feel like he’s the only survivor who takes the stuff I need. I usually kill him at the start of a campaign, though.

Thank god I’m not the only one who hates that 23 year old dumb bell.

Kinda Reminds me of Prototype

I like him, but because he’s the only survivor with any shred of personality. Actually, I like Coach better. The edit looks quite good here.

Woah so many Replies.
Thanks for the comments guys :buddy:

I wonder if all the hunters have hoodies…