Ellis' hair fucked up...

Ok,so here’s the deal.I spent some time re-skinning Ellis for my personal skin and changed the hair colour-dunno if that has anything to do with it and here’s what I found out when I tried to make a quick pose:


PLEASE HELP!What should I do?I dont even know what the fuck has happened to his hair!It looks like some paper-hair or something…Did I fuck it up by re-colouring them?I dont think so,but Im not sure.Hope anyone can help me >_<


^- If you recolored them, then it’s probably the alpha’s. Make sure not to miss making an alpha layer. :v

Wtf’s an alpha? :S I’m still a beginner skinnner :S

In photoshop click on “Channels” there should be a fourth one. that is the alpha, if there isn’t one, that is your problem.

Ok…and if there isn’t one what do I do?

you be fucked dude if there isn’t an alpha.

Kidding, click layer, transparency, then add alpha layer.

Ok,I hope that’ll help.Thanks all.

Open the original vtf. Import all your content in that vtf and save it as vtf, choose in the options uncompressed with alpha.

Will this happen in gimp too?

Export as PNG in GIMP first, then convert to tga, then vmf