Ellis has a hand cannon..

…and man is it huge. :v:

I’ve been up all night.


Dirty Harry Ellis! :v:

That has to be heavy :p.

Not to mention the recoil.

I thought of that phx cannon replacing Ellis’s arm.


lol, thanks for the comments, guys! (:

Haha, nice one.

Carrying a gun like that tells everyone that your dick is small.
Love the last picture.

what did you do to his shirt

i see you tried the prop resizer

I textured it! Apparently it’s a net or something. (:

lol, thanks for the comments again! I didn’t even know a prop resizer existed until recently! :v:

Looks like he found himself one of these…

Oh my god, haha! That thing can’t be real! How could it not break your wrists?!

It won’t if you are


Haha, that’s great.

Apperentley it’s a real gun. Don’t ask me how it works, all I know is it’s a big gun.