Ellis hit by a car while riding his bike


Very nice.

Hit so hard the bike tires vanished!

Poor bastard.

“I shoulda rode mah horse!”

I like it.

This’ll teach Ellise to ride with a crap bike.

Those rich pricks in their fancy cars running down poor bastards on poor bikes because the poor bastards are to poor to afford tires which would mean better grip and perhaps a chance to avoid the rich pricks fancy car so they could continue to be poor bastards in stead of being put out of their poor misery which only concludes that bicycle tires only prolong suffering.

He just wanted to get to Kiddie Land…
And the poor bastard doesn’t even have a bike chain…

Loled more reading the title than the screenshot. Pretty good anyways.

Very fortunate for us.

I expected a knock-off of that scene from The Toxic Avenger.

Thread music.

it’s too bad the car wasn’t going faster