Ellis in the Woods (unedited)


On topic discussion and constructive criticism only. Nothing really serious, i know the Jockey isn’t posed right, but that thing is beyond difficult to pose.

Face is awkward and so is the jockey.
The picture is also a little bit colorfull I dunno but it doesnt fit L4D Style. Simple DOF sux balls. Dont use it.
I rated you optimistic for a good try.

Tried to add more color to make it look more realistic and to add a little life.

which is the complete opposite of L4D2.

I like it… its sorta like crysis (the mountin’s & the way its setup)

The complete opposite? Hardly.

L4D2 may have more color than the first, but the main reason it works is because it always has a set color scheme. Primarily orange, or blue, or whatever. This picture’s color doesn’t look right because it has no general color scheme. The colors are simply going all over the place, changing from light to dark and opposite hues. It’s not very pleasant on the eyes.

Also, don’t use simple DoF, it’s ugly as hell.

This. The Parish and Dead Center have a solid color mood of yellow/orange.

It’s okay, camera angle is quite dull though.


And Hard Rain and Swamp Fever are more muddy, blue/green.

How, when the picture is mostly green.

The coloring in your pic is a mix of almost everything. Green, brown, yellow, blue, etc. You need to use editing or in-game color mod to change the coloring.

I did. I liked how the colors worked with the environment to create lush, eye catching scenery.