Ellis looking at something I don't even know.

Personally I dislike this one. But eh. Whatever…

I actually don’t care if you point out the bad points.

Is it just me, or does that shotgun look ridiculously small?

Otherwise, it isn’t bad.

It is quite a small model actually :v:

The camera angle, dodgy isolation and mistakes in the depth-of-field are the bad points.

The posing and, to some extend, the lighting are the good points.

Boring background, bad isolation, why even bother shading his arms then not shading anything else? (ex: his pants) Shotgun needs AA, random burning, watermark, background not completely blurred, his hat has random rimlighting, the sun appears to be bleeding through his shirt, upper shirt has rimlighting compared to the bottom which has none

Isolation is important, and it looks like you blurred it in a few strange areas.

is he holding a shotgun attachment…?