Ellis making the world healthy + Pimp Nick

Got more mental images and created them :smiley:

Might be big, I didn’t crop

And nick the wannabe pimp:


^ I dug my models folder a bit :razz:

Comments and ratings please .

(More song inspired pics coming soon :buddy:)

not to my taste of humor but what the heck, that banana would drop from his hand aswell smoke is good though

Depends on how good of a grip you have on it.

Neat Pictures though, Optimistic’d

Pimp Nick cracks me up

what the…

Have a


Nick is a male’s pimp? lol

Lol. The fruit guns. Nostalgic.

dual bananas are great

Ellis has orange grenades… :v:

That’s not Pimp Nick, it’s Fag Nick.



Who would have guessed it… Nick pimping Gordon on a hat… and a guy I don’t know…
Also… The fruity guns look awesome… Nice job on the smoke :slight_smile:

In the next picture.

You nearly ruined nick for me. Get rainbow’d