Ellis meets Kleiner

Judging from the thumbnail, it’s one of those “XD So randumm~” videos
edit: Jesus, it’s worse than I thought

I think this is…

holy shit that was bad

I’m still kinda new. Why do you think it’s bad?

You’re trying too hard to be funny. Which makes it less funny.

Exaggerated faceposing really isn’t funny, not since well… ever. A lot of people new to Gmod think it’s hilarious to stretch out the faces and whatnot, but no one cares anymore at all about that. Flailing ragdolls are also really not funny, these things are just bad substitutes for actual humor. Basically every kind of game physics bug or feature has been exploited for it’s humor already. At this point, humorous videos should actually contain content, you know, like a joke or a funny anecdote.

at least it’s in hd

Thank you for your advices. I’ll remember that.

But I think that “There’s a charger on the wall” it’s not bad. :stuck_out_tongue:


No, it was bad too.