[Ellis Movies]

Oh boy oh man.




Wasnt funny or good

Not exactly.
Next time, constructive criticism.
Ok big boy?

There are some videos out there that are so bad they’re funny.

These don’t fall under that criteria.

It was boring and it seemed like you were trying too hard to be funny.

Keep in mind that flailing ragdolls and over-posed faces are only funny in context.

Next time dont record 30 seconds of you throwing ragdolls around with a physgun and thrusters?

Meaning they are good, so they don’t fall under the bad criteria?
:3 Thanks bro!

No, it means it’s just bad.

Like “Epic Movie” bad.

This is an example of a movie so bad it’s funny:

How do I use thrusters?
Can you teach me?

Doesn’t even know how to use thrusters…

Okay, seriously, just use the tool and then press the num-pad key it’s assigned to.


I’m tripping balls right now.

Good stuff

If you thought of a scene whose idea revolves around ragdolls being flung about comically then forget it, and think of something more imaginative. In the first one I didn’t even know what was going on near the end. Coach was jacking off (don’t put that in your movies either, it’s very immature and uninteresting) and Ellis came and jumped on his head or something, that’s all I could gather.

Don’t listen to Johnny in terms of sex, ANY sex in Garry’s Mod is hilarious. Take, for example, a previous video made by my film team and I, The Promise (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VQKxjGUKs9c).

No, no, just no.

Don’t tell me that wasn’t the most badass sex scene your eyes have ever seen.

ok, no, just no, first off johnny is right, second no gmod sex scene is entertaining, AT ALL, i mean if your 8 i can see it, but if thats what your comedy stooped to, well shit there goes your “career”.

Nope, sorry.

If you stopped growing up right in the ‘hurr sexposes are funny’ phase then you’re not going to get much recognition. Ever notice Bo Schitt never puts sex poses in the Idiot Box?

First of all, I was being partially sarcastic. But if you wish, I will continue with my reasoning,

Lol, first of all, ‘poses’ are terrible, as they are incredibly easy to make. If you’ve seen Step Brothers or Year One (year one not so much, was mostly meh), there was a lot of sexual references in those, and at least some of Year One was funny and ALL of Step Brothers was hilarious.

Also, Hangover, don’t you even think about talking shit about ‘my career’ going, I’m entitled to my own goddamn opinion, and although I don’t put sex scenes in my own videos (sexual content, yes), I have every right to think they’re funny.

That video I made was a few months ago, I don’t make ‘comedy’ videos anymore. Not that that movie was comedy in the first place…

I’ve not seen either of those movies but I bet it was something more interesting than ‘lol gman and alyx are having sex’. I’m not talking about sex reference on the whole being unfunny, but bland sexposes (animated or otherwise).

And yes, you are entitled to think sex makes things funny. But how much recognition you get is governed by what other people think of your videos. And nobody’s going to subscribe to you and support you if your videos are just ragdolls flailing at the crotch.