Ellis playing guitar while Coach and Nick are getting attacked.

Title is self explanatory.

C&C Would be appreciated

What a dumbass. Playing guitar instead of helping his comrades.

Well its Ellis, what do you expect?

seems like Coach was clumsy and had no time to hold his gun right

His arm was being a dick so i had to put it like that. Plus he is not a trained soldier, he wouldnt know how to hold a rifle correctly, and what would be best.

I’m not a trained soldier, I have never held a real rifle in my entire life and I know how to hold a rifle at least remotely correctly. Bad excuse. His shoulders need to be way more twisted.

I hold my airsoft gun like that, and most of the armed forces do aswell, he got it right…

Yeah i just had a look at some pictures, quite afew soldiers do use it. Now i dont mean Every single soldier but quite afew do fire like that
To be honest im suprised no one has commented on nick slicing the CI and the muzzleflash on the M16.

I don’t think Coach spends much time looking at military themed screenshots or youtube video’s.

The thing shoots bullets, it kills zombies. like he would give a shit.

It just looks weird.

wow ellis can’t hold a guitar worth shit

omg lol he just started XD

Shit excuse


no they don’t

no trained armed force on earth holds a rifle like that. hell, even most of the child soldiers in africa don’t hold a rifle like that. try that with anything of a sizeable calibre and you’re going to dislocate your shoulder.


not referring to his hand on the mag (bad idea with an ar-15 because the mag will jiggle and you’re risking a double feed - and no, ‘most’ of the armed forces do not hold weapons by their magazines), but the fact that the stock is sitting a good several inches from his shoulder.

can we not have airsofters profess to know about the military please? you don’t.

He’s not holding the magazine, hes holding the Magwell, which is a viable place to put your other hand.

You’re cruising for a bruisin’


Pretty decent posing, but I’ve seen better, and I don’t fully understand how you could make a zombie bleed out of the back of its neck by punching it.The wrists also look weird and Ellis seems to be holding the entire guitar with his left hand instead of resting it on top of his leg.

welcome to today’s edition of ‘airsofter arguing with a soldier because obviously the former knows more about the military than someone who is in it’! here we have madmax arguing that not just some, but MOST, soldiers hold their weapons by the magwell (by the way, in this picture his hand is quite plainly in contact with both the well and magazine, and that’s still enough to knock the thing about). having been through military training, ross knows that soldiers are generally told to use a forend if there is one.

i’m going to make the (probably correct) assumption that you’ve never handled a military weapon in your life; they’re built with pretty wide tolerances, even the ones renowned for being picky about what you feed them or how often they’re cleaned. this is why they are so easy to strip and reassemble, and why they can handle dirt getting into them (even if it’s only a little). the magazine can and will travel in that well. it doesn’t seem like much, but it doesn’t take much to give it an excuse to misfeed, believe me.

This is where you come…


I have had alot of experience in firearms, most of my family have been/are in the M.O.D/Army, i never joined fully because of health complications, i spent 5 years in cadets and i went through basic army prep and training. I can respect opinions from people that are currently in the forces full-time, but this is by prefrence, you can’t just say “Oh, no, this is how you actually hold it” Its totally by prefrence.

Also, don’t automaticly assume that if i play airsoft i am a “wannabe-know-it-all” on the internet that is fat and has no life…

Far from it yo…

so first you claim most members of the armed forces hold their rifles like that, and now you tell me it’s impossible to tell how many people hold their rifles in whatever way?

what’s it gonna be?

(by the way, i like the implication a cadet knows better than an actual soldier, jesus christ this thread gets better and better by the minute)

I didn’t tell you that, now you are putting words in my mouth, i said its by preference…

am i now?

quit while you’re not too far behind.

typical cadet, reckons he knows it all.