Ellis riding... Zoey... away from something...


Would you rather have Ellis beating Zoey with a bat?


Looks like the bear cavalry. Only with Ellis instead of a russian and Zoey instead of a bear.
This points me to the following conclusion : WTF.

Awesome. :v:


Zoey’s eyes should have been the lights IMO.
Original pic I must say :v:

Hahaha now thats a original and creative picture, nice work.

I lol’d
“Where de hell is the horn on dis thing? Oh here it is!” honk honk SMACK!



have a funny! :razz:

Zoey should be the one riding if you know what I mean.

Oh Ryu, we know. Ahehehe.

Sure is a change from Ellis about to slaughter Zoey.

I agree.

lol. I have spoken:black101:

Never thought about that until now. Gmod sure is fun to play with huh?

Lol’d. :xd:

Where did you get Ellis model? and axe? otherwise, I think is funny :slight_smile:

Zoey is Bicycle? DemonicLemon, you’ve done it again!

Lol, at last you made something without violence :stuck_out_tongue:


Ultimate Zoey roller?