Ellis shooting a hunter.

These models are awesome, only my normal zombies from l4d have turned into mingebags :/. C&C please.



L4d 2 demo released! fuck yeah!

Dayum, someone should make a pack with these, I can’t get it to work for me.

Horrible, overused muzzleflash, too tiny amounts of blood.

I like it, could be more blood though.

That muzzleflash is wank, it’s been used several times

ellis is posed nicely, overused muzzleflash

The flash is about right for that gun, which is more than I can say for most of the pictures I’ve seen it used in. Lack of blood may not mirror the game itself, but I’ve never been a fan of fountains of blood and gore in pictures unless there’s a good reason (shredded artery, massive hit to head, etc.).

why do you find it fun to kill us hunters

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for the pose, Ellis is posed very, very nicely. the Hunter seems… alright. although the muzzle flash should be emitting a glow, preferably on the Hunter. using the in-game Lamp STool will probably help. also, in-game muzzle flashes sometimes work better than edited ones, in this case.

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It’s a good pose like but the Muzzleflash is dump

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thing is

he’s correct

saying stop being a retard you shit IS Flaming however

you obviously havent seen other flaming in other threads.

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I just balanced our comments
OMG noes someone unbalanced them. Why?? :’(

I used the lamp Stool, but the light emission was very low.

That muzzleflash made me throw up a little, in my mouth.
The blood is terrible.
The smoke from the wound is excessive.
The camera angle sucks. Still.

Even though you have used it before Mr-Copy-And-Paste

Oh really? You mean in April on what was one of my first ever edits? Oh yeah, and you failed to notice how in my picture it actually looks good, and is cut out correctly, in comparison to the piece of trash in the opening post of this thread.

You ought to say a sorry to OP. Also that this guy remembered yours edit from April doesn’t thrill you a little?