Ellis swarmed by a Horde


oh my god i lol’d so fucking hard

He should be happy what’s the matter?

oh the dildos

he’s gonna get butthurt

If he won’t, then I know what that would be.


Are you a mind reader:) Was thinking of making something similar after all the Ellis/Zoey pics posted. Well executed. Have funny.
The Zoey behind Eliis is about to ram the dildo in to his…

First I was like:“Wtf he should be happy”
Than I saw the dildos. . .


Always check your six Ellis!

flawless “D:” face

Ellis swarmed by a whored.

That doesn’t make any grammatical sense.

If this is the apocalypse, count me in. Wait?.. the dildos… Damn…


As opposed to everyone elses concept of Zoey and Ellis’ “relationship”, I actually agree with yours a lot more for some reason :v:

And I thought there would be zombies.

Silly me…nervous laugh

Lol. I should’ve known.

Sweet Mary mother of Jesus! Is she… Is she loadin that dildo into a grenade launcher?!

The Whored sounds better.