Ellis; tactical genius.



that isn’t dof.

My skill as perceived by myself and others when combined with them is no match for this masterpiece, every image’s value is reduced when this is seen, sir, I applaud at your sheer genius.

also just to mention i’ve managed to compile gm_construct in to a prop

I might give serious consideration to eat this man.


I’m impressed.

Thats gonna be useful, I always wanted to pose GM_contruct on other maps, have a wrench.

And I’m out of words for this picture, I believe this should be stickied.

Did I ever tell you 'bout the time me and Keith played Zeno Clash?

[sp]Well he IS in a kung-fu pose, right?[/sp]

He’s back, and more philosophical than ever.


I’m going to guess propper tool?

Oh god his face, he looks so smart.

With a face like that , who wouldn’t want to punch him right in the nose?

He already does have a face that should be punched in the nose.

He was punched by Big Bird or Cookie Monster or something - didn’t you ever notice that greasy rugburn on his nose?

Release the gmod Construct prop. It looks awesome.
Anyway not bad :D.

adding finishing touches. trying to emulate water.

Dale Gribble?

“Did I ever tell you about the time me and Keith tried diet pills?”

That will be even better :D.