Ellis the Ninja


Sadly Gmod crashed before I got to tweak the posing and fingerposing so I only got the one screenshot, but I think it turned out well considering.

Was I the only one expecting troll pose?
Looks good, nice difference in lighting.

I don’t understand how Gmod can even crash. Is your folder some kind of garbage? Well anyway, nice posing, nice effects, nice editing… a bit boring tho.

but my npcs… and halo sweps!!

Dude are you kidding me? One of the things Gmod is famous for is constant crashing.


did you just say I was Dean?

I can only crash mine via bouncing balls with thrusters and LOL trails… x100. That or turning my flashlight on whilst being outside the map.

Posing is good, his face could use some sort of emotion though.

It was more meant to be along the lines of this so you couldn’t see his face:


But when I showed it to my friend they said it was too dark and looked unnatural.

Whoops didn’t mean to.
Was in a conversation with a friend named Dean.