Ellis thinking about everything he has gone through


Well, I have been a poser in gmod for a while, but now I’ve decided to sheare my work here on FP! =D


PS: I’m taking suggestions for a thread music
PS²: Feel free to edit, as long as you give me credit ^^

Edit: Funnies? Explain to me please…

I like the angle, but I don’t really like the facial expression though.

Would have been funny if the gun went off somehow and bounced up in his face.


And welcome to Facepunch, enjoy your stay!

Nice posing. The soldier models aren’t the best and, in comparison to how high-quality Ellis is, they look kinda out-of-place.

Cool camera angle although it looks a little fish-eyed. I’m not sure though. Faceposing is a bit “derp”.

Overall, a good first post. Welcome to the forums!

Shadow are marvelous.

fast replys are fast 0.o

thanks for the feedback guys, keep’em coming ;D

btw, it’s all in-game editing

I wanted him to look serious, as in reflecting the horrors of the infection, but i’m not so good @ faceposing

and IMO it would make sence having HECU fighting zombies… but that’s just me

“Man, I just cant forget the time me and Keith…”

Someone finish this post.

Went skiing! Damn, sucker broke every bone in his body trying to jump the gap between two hills! Hah, didn’t even have a snow scooter, but tried to re-enact that scene from Modern Warfare 2!

Maybe if you cut out the right portion with the soldiers it would look better, 'cause as stated before the soldiers are kind of out of place with HQ Ellis there. Awesome pic, good job