Ellis using a very unique vehicle to escape from zombehs

Atleast he’s creative.


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Hahaha i actually lol’d.

well hey, whatever works I guess…

What if the charger takes it from him?, or the smoker grabs him, they want his Trike-e

You ruined the funny

I like it lots.

hahahaha. So awesome

That would be terrible! Why would anyone do that to a chi… grown man? :byodood:

I love the look on Ellis’ face. :v:

Why does his face remind me of Jack Black?

Anyhow, I smiled.

Lol a tear actually came to my eye. Hairy you deserve an epic funny.



I demand that trike to be a vehicle.

holy shit guys Kiddieland!

Go Ellis. That’ll teach them.

Looks like little kids had a purpose after all. JK that is hilarious though.

Hairy has won the l4d2 posing crown. Anything else remotely funny about l4d2 involves chocolate helicopters.

where i can download l4d2 models(not cars,survivors,weapons)???

This made me lol hard. Ellis’ facial expression is great. Rated funny