Ellis V.S. Louis

Today I signed up here and didn’t know what the fuck to do. So I decided to make a pose of Ellis fighting Louis, I have nothing more to say.





Lovely idea. Bad execution.

Liking your avatar.
I guess it’s not bad for your first, but the jpeg quality looks pretty bad.

Funny but wrong map for this and posing could be better. Made me laugh though. Have smiley.

Well, you can’t expect someone to get everything perfect on their first time through, right?

You like it? Hooray!

Anyways, I used the GMod camera, do people generally use programs to capture screenshots?

Just what I’ve always wanted, and 4 days early! But it does seem a little out of place to me now, where do you it would’ve looked better?

bad angles

Well, always use the camera, I have never seen a case in which you need an foreign program to capture a screenshot lol.

Looks ok for a beginner.

You need to raise your graphics up before taking a picture, could have used a better map, and posing seems strange. Face posing isn’t that bad, but you still need to improve a bit more.