First of all, yes, this will be running darkrp, atleast untill it gets a bit popular, and enough of the playerbase wants it changed to something else.
The server is not done yet, and even when it gets finished its not going to be up constantly.
I havent decided entirely on the setting yet, and if you would like to see a specific setting on this server, then just post it here.
I gladly answer any questions and requests that you may have.
The server will be in europe.
I will havew hungermod activated.
The server is up for testing once in a while.
IP =
I will update this post with additional information later.

I clicked this because from a glance it looked like it said “Blowin-rp”…I am now disappointed because it didn’t say that…and also I’m disappointed because you named the RP gamemode after yourself but its just DarkRP.

I didnt rename teh gamemode at all, and my real name isnt elowin.
Also, what the heck is blowin rp?

Ignore him, you’re good people, Elowin.

I didnt know i was more than one person, also, thanks vince.

I hope you get back in the ravens soon.

I will, just having abit of a setback.