Elpis Host gone in germany.... Need new Euro provider

After Elpis host close down their German node, I’m going to need a new Server in Europe, preferably England or Germany… I’m unsure about NFO as I cant afford it. Are there any other hosters that are better/as good as Elpis?

I believe nfoservers has a data center located in Germany though the company is based in the United States. I would recommend them strongly primarily due to their pricing.

They have an issue with Steam so anyone buying any server from their eu location wont show up on the masterlist

Indeed, and im a bit bored of waiting 6 months for them to fix it now…

Meaning no one new would come one the server?

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Ok then, I dont like the sound of this problem NFO are having… Any others?

Ovh is the way to go or soyoustart which is a cheaper reseller

I meant something in the same price range as elpis…

I was always happy with Elpis host untill now.

A few days ago I applied for the cancellation of my Gmod server due to lack of interest and money. I applied for the cancellation at the end of the billing period (which is what I paid for) and NOT right away.

One day later every customer at Elpis has gotten a message that they pull the plug in every server in Germany due to lack of interest.

Now this is of course understandable, if they don’t have enough need for servers there, however, they have completely flipped me off after this. I always had great support but they pulled the plug of my server already last week. They did not responded at my support tickets of keeping the server like we agreed on and what I paid for, till the 5th of March in Germany. So I had still a small 2 weeks left.

This was needed so my members and players were informed and had the time to find a new home, but it’s complete vanished already and I can’t even log into the Cpanel anymore.

So sorry Elpis but you were the best but after this you have gone to complete shit and you have no respect for your (previous) customers and i’m very disappointed.

Keeping you online until the fifth of March in Germany is impossible as the node was taken offline on the first. I’ve already offered to provide you with a refund for your remaining four days in your billing cycle via ticket. Your tickets were all responded to very shortly after you created them.

I’m not sure what you mean by “small two weeks left” since the server was only shut down on the 1st. The fifth of March is four days from the first, which is less then a week.

If there was a way to work out keeping the last node in Germany online I would have taken it. It was not just about the cancellations - there were multiple clients on the last node being attacked and with 5 IP’s per node in Europe due to RIPE restrictions each time the IP was null routed it took out around a quarter of the clients on the node. Leaseweb was also not very happy with us since recently quite a few of those hits have been NTPv2 attacks which disrupted their edge routers and affected all of their client base.

I’ve received them both in my email 45 minutes ago.

Well i’m not interested in a refund, shouldn’t be much anyway. But I rented it untill the 5th of March, which was also what I told my players and members.

I think it would be wise to give customors at least 1 month time to move server ip’s or end their already rented server, this was all very short and i’ve experienced alot of downtime in the past time.

Again, the node was being hit with multiple attacks large enough to disrupt traffic on Leasewebs network. If it was just cancellations I would have kept the node online and provided more time for my end users to move off it.

Rammel, you’re failing to understand that it wasn’t his choice on whether or not to take the node offline the day it was taken off, letting you know a month in advance might not have been a choice, I’ve had very spur of the moment things happen to me with server hosts and while I was coding for communities, you just have to take a deep breath, hold it for a few seconds, and move on.

Can we not go off topic please?