Elpis Host - Rust hosting starting at $25/month


Elpis Host was one of the first shared providers on the scene for rust. Servers start at $25/month for 50 slots and go from there.

Features include:

  • FTP access to your server
  • Start/Stop/Restart and scheduled task options so you can restart your server at a set time when desired
  • US Locations
  • Instant provisioning when stock if stock is available
  • No branding required
  • Install Rust++ and Rust Essentials from our mod installer

Order here.

still better than playrust.eu

Is this shared or vps/dedi?
What are the server node specs?
If vps what are the vps specs?

It’s shared and unmanaged. Pricing more then makes up for this :slight_smile:

All nodes run on the E3-1230 V2/V3.

awesome, thx

Monthly Billing or Prepaid ?


Is there possibility to rent server with more then 100 players limit?

Not currently, please use playrust.eu if you need a high population server.

How bad is the lag? Can you choose whether it is sleeper or non-sleeper?

does it have rcon so we can tp to players and spawn stuff?

Signed up.

I doubt they have rcon because the game itself doesn’t have any rcon capabilities built into it.

We have a very basic setup right now with a control panel to start/stop and access FTP. Anything else has to be worked on which is why the pricing is so low currently. You shouldn’t experience any lag.

Fuck no. Abusive assholes like that can leave. I am pretty sure Gary himself was smart enough to put in something that makes it so you can’t spawn in items, thankfully. If admins are going to be able to spawn stuff for themselves why don’t we just play 30 second advertisements each time somebody dies?

They already can, it just hasn’t been abused to a great deal.

Pat was spawning cars one day before he restarted the server.

Rcon is implemented at a basic level as with many it uses the console to connect i believe that kick and ban are being worked on but not a high priority if trello is to believed (Currently under not so important tasks)

You’ve always been good to your customers and FP in general when it came to GMod.

Hope this works out for you, Tyler.

all servers sold out and still no new servers online? what is that?
i also waiting since ~4hrs to play on my server. any eta?

Tyler’s current status on steam is snooze, so he’ll probably help you later.

thanks dude! :slight_smile: