Elpishost Questions

You have my sincerest apologies if this is in the wrong place since I am relatively new to Facepunch, but a long time GMod player. I’m thinking of renting a Garry’s Mod server - for Trouble in Terrorist Town - and have been doing research on the best server hosting website. Browsing Facepunch for a few hours Elpishost seems to be the post highly recommended (from what I could find anyway). Is this true? I am based in the UK and am thinking of having 16 slots on the server. I do not know LUA or any form of coding, just command prompts really. Features I would like to have on the server/Things I would like to be able to do:
-EASILY add many addons or plugins to the server (Pointshop, ULX and such)
-Have quick replies to any questions or complaints I may have
-Be able to set the map to 67th way or any map for that matter, and the gamemode to TTT (should be fairly obvious)

Another key question I have is how does the payment system work, is it an auto-renewal subscription?

As I’ve mentioned, I’m quite a noob so please say if doing any of the above mentioned things would be complex/complicated. Thank you very much.

Elpis Host uses monthly payment plans, but I’m pretty sure that paypal has an auto-renewal feature that’s on by default. And yes, Elpis Host does live up to the reputation they have earned. Very fast support as well. Adding custom content is easy, as well as any gamemode or map you wish.

Thank you very much. I just hope adding custom content is as easy as it seems, and I presume you can cancel the auto renewal feature? Does the server just shut down if you do? Thanks.

I swaped to elpis from nitrous networks about 6 months ago, gotta say, 100% live up to the rep. they get. Very quick support, friendly to chat to, good reliable servers, easy to add custom content and addons. I have never regretted swapping host, and never plan to!

If you need any help, add me on steam i’d be more than glad to help!
(Just click steam icon under myname)

Thanks, will do! Thanks again guys.

Yea, i use a manual payment, don’t pay after a certaint time the server goes offline, as with any host, but you get emailed about it as soon as payment is due, so there is no worry about missing it. (takes about 3 mins to renew aswell)

TCAdmin makes managing servers really simple, you can upload and unzip addons through the file manager or just upload them through an FTP client. You can change the gamemode and map through the commandline settings through the Commandline Manager easily.

Support is around most hours of the day and can reply even in the middle of the night if we’re around. We’ll will be happy help you out with any problems or questions you might have, just submit a ticket about anything we’ll help you out.