Elpishost server down for anyone else?

For a server host, I currently use Elpishost and I have been using them for the past year. I had no problems until now where my server shut down at 1:30 PM EST yesterday (9/22) without warning and never came back up. I have contacted Tyler with no response and my control panel will not load. When it does load, it just gives me an “unknown” status. I am just curious if anyone is having the same issue that uses his servers, thanks.

Edit: Just an update. I have never heard anything from the host yet. He has opened a live chat with me saying nothing but “Would you like to talk about our Elpis Products”. When I tried to talk to him he just never responded. He has been online on steam and changed his name on steam. I just paid for another month 2 days ago and he seems to be very unresponsive. I got a new host for now… I am not trying to point any fingers as to what is happening but I fear the worst.

You should use “Name Brand” hosting companies or your own actual product. I doubt anyone has heard of this knock off company and you should try for a refund.

Elpishost is actually (or was) pretty well established around here as a pretty damn good no-bullshit host. Tyler is (or was) damn active on Facepunch, and he provided great support.

And his prices weren’t bullshit, like “Name Brand” hosting companies.

Can’t say my information is up to date as I rarely follow this section anymore. Thread title just caught my attention.

Elpishost servers were well recommended. I had a friend try them around last year and he said they were okay besides the control panel in which you managed the server. Now i just go NFO and have never had any issues besides my own stupidity

aw shit that would explain why my wal-mart brand server stopped working :downs:

what are you talking about, “name brand” hosting companies? it’s pretty much common knowledge that the more popular hosts overload their nodes and elpis is pretty well known around fp for being a quality host.

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op, have you tried creating a ticket in the client area? it’s curious that you’re not getting support. i use ramnode for my VPSes (same owner) and the support is pretty snappy.

Yea, I created a ticket on the 21st about the issue. I have heard nothing except from the live chat (which was just him saying “Would you like to talk about our Elpis products”). I just find it so strange how I have been using them for a year plus and I knew Tyler.

He came into our TS and server to chill at some point and all of the sudden he dropped off the face of the earth. If he did shut Elpis down, then I don’t think anyone got any word and he just took off which is disappointing haha.

Similar to you, I too created a ticket on the 21st. I also have yet to hear a response. However, I did notice that Tyler changed his steam name from Tyler to Paradox during that time frame, so he was active enough to do that.

Elipis was good for me till around the start of the year when he suddenly dropped website hosting support with no warning and I lost my two websites, one which was linked with my game server and my other which was a personal business.

I didn’t have any issues with the gmod hosting side of it, but the fact he dropped that web side of it with no warning and I didn’t get a refund for it made me move my stuff elsewhere.

Oh jeez, I thought I was the only one with an issue like this.

To be honest, after he gave up on the whole “Free server” Thing, he went down hill, especially since he rejected anyone he hated even if they did pay him money.

Does anyone have any other server host suggestions?

I went to NFO. They offer a 2 day free trial (just have to input a payment method). They run off Windows (maybe linux depending on location) and have a hosting location in New York, NY if you were using that location on Elpis. They seem pretty good so far, no complaints!

You may request linux or windows afaik, just ask support.

Well that kind of blows, I had $60 of credit on that site. I requested a refund a day after I paid for it because I changed my mind about hosting a server.

They won’t even reply to my tickets. Pretty wild really.

It seems he just decided to close my ticket haha

I really wish I knew why. I thought he was a pretty cool guy. The thing is, would I be an asshole for charging back $33 if I paid on the 20th and it got shut down on the 22nd? Or would I just lose that dispute since I am dealing with a server which is “intangible goods”

Nope, you can dispute services so go ahead and try if he’s not responding.

My ticket was recently closed too, so I reopened it by replying to it. He seems to be active now, as I got a response that said he’d fix the issues I stated in the ticket, and would also be “applying an account credit of one month to anyone affected tomorrow.”

Well, my original server came back for a bit and I was going to grab data from it… but then it went down again.

Everyone should do what this guy wants to do, if tyler is seriously going to close tickets because he can, then you really shouldn’t pay for a service like his.