Elric form Full Metal Alchemist

Some one can made the model of Edward Elric From full metal alchemist?

Nice double post. And I doubt anybody will do this because of Facepunch’s extreme dislike of any and all things anime.

Welcome to facepunch.

I should remind you that you aren’t allowed to like anime.

  1. sorry for the double post
  2. the model is for my friend really i hate Full Metal alchemist the only anime i like is Lupin the 3rd

If you don’t like it then why make the thread? Why couldn’t your friend do it instead?

ooh so many questions. the people who reply to this know damn well they have no intention on fulfilling the request. fucken retards.
fyi i did see an edward elric model somewhere before, i just need to find it.

Flaming can earn you a ban, FYI.

Alright so here are some models of him.


Would these be good enough?