Embed ULX into DarkRP Gamemode

How would I embed ULX into the DarkRP gamemode? I have been trying for a while and just cant do it, may someone tell me how to do this please?

Embed? Where are you aiming for?

If you mean the buttons/commands through the default scoreboard of DarkRP, there’s already a conversion for FAdmin on the DarkRP repository.

http://darkrp.googlecode.com/files/FAdmin to ulx.zip

( It goes in addons. )

This only adds the bans to ULX, is there a way to ONLY use ULX? FAdmin is fucking up my life :smiley:

Not unless you recode certain parts of darkrp, fadmin is required to provide the CP with access to weapons. What all are you trying to disable of FAdmin? You should be able to delete most of the modules that you don’t want.

( My server runs fine with ULX & FAdmin together, are you using the latest SVN? )

Well see I have my DarkRP and when someone connects they have the load out specified in the jobs. But no matter what I do I always have an arrest baton, unarrest baton, etc… I have no idea why I have certain things that classes don’t even have. Also yes I am using the latest SVN.

If you’re admin on the server, (through ulx, or Fadmin) there’s a setting.


That’s probably why you have them.

Oh wow thank you, that was very helpful. Lol think you can help here?: http://www.facepunch.com/threads/1133050?p=32818716#post32818716