Embedding standard textures?

Is there any way of embedding standard valve textures into the compiled .bsp so that a map will properly work in all source games?

Sorry if there is an obvious answer.

Try looking into this.

Thanks, that’s exactly what I needed.

That is illegal because you are redistributing the textures to people who might not have the game.


Just so you know.

No, redistributing the whole game itself would be illegal.

So why are torrents not legal? You are only getting small parts of software from a bunch of different people…

Distributing parts of paid software is considered illegal, hence the reason for gmod mounting gcf’s instead of just giving everyone all the textures. Also why there are game requirements for Sourcemods.

OP: You would have to make CS:S or whatever game you are using textures from a prerequisite for the map for it to be legal.

I highly doubt Valve will care if it’s 1 or 2 textures though.

Valve generally allows user created maps to redistribute content from other games, as it’s for personal use and increases use of their own products.

Everyone wins.

It is illegal, but no one is going to care unless you make profit of it.