"Embrace the Evolution" - A close up of a deformed woman

Yet another Dead Space close up, hope you guys dont mind!


“No honey, i didn’t forget our marriage anniversary”

Reminds me of “The Thing”.

I don’t recall this Necromorph getting ported.

Dead Space is heavily influenced by The Thing as far as I remember.

She’s the wife of James Bond

Oh god those teeth.

What the hell. This looks epic.


Finally a mouth that can handle my girth

Scared the shit of me, nice tough

By the way.
Does anybody have some tipps how to keep working on bigger projects? I always scrap them after 2-3 hours of (ingame) work because I either get bored or think its gonna turn out shit anyway.

And thanks for commenting!

Pretty but boring.

She’s being assimilated

I’d still do her.