Emerald Herald from Dark Souls 2

That “half-dragon-half-human” gurl from the game mentioned above, now on Gmod!





I had to rig her myself so it’s not perfect but decent enough I supose.

Models is fully poseable(tho you have to untick Axis lock on finger poser tool), you can pose her cape and skirt with joint tool.




From Software/Namco Bandai: For the model;
Hotfuzznarp: For ripping tha models and fixing UVs for me;
Squiddly: For taughting me to make bodygroups;
Me: For rigging and porting the model;

PS.:2013’s Lara Croft coming tomorrow!

another half dragon half human character?

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sucks no ones gotten Priscilla yet

That would actually be a good idea, too bad I don’t have Dark Souls 1…

Do you just want us to get it out of the way and get Priscilla, because I know you’ve been wanting her since the Dark Souls WIP v1 thread.

im really surprised no ones ported her

and yes ive been waiting for a long ass time

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im pretty sure ninja ripper and works with DS1

NinjaRipper works, but do not trust NinjaRipper when it comes to cloth. we’ll most likely use Rick’s Tools to get that out of the way.

only problem is we’ll most likely just release it for SFM, so if you wanna do some shit in terms of GMod then by all means go ahead.

If she gets ported to SFM I don’t see difficult to port her into Gmod, I could do it myself if he doesn’t port her.

Nice, great Job

I’ve been working on her for some time, but her multi-layer skirt is a HUGE pain in the ass to rig. So i’m procrastinating for now. Maybe i’ll port her during the summer though.


Looks really good Trolol.