Emerald Legion DarkRP Server *NEW*

Hello everyone I am a owner of Emerald Legion and I am here to announce that my server is up if anyone wants to join.
Website: http://emeraldlegion.uservenet.com/
We will be getting upgrades, we are current a 32slot server.
We have no admins but we are currently looking. Please do not join and just ask for super/admin because you will not get it.
We are currently looking for regulars to have fun on our server.
We have over 30+ Jobs and spent over 100$ already in the first month. More money will be going to it but at the moment
We think we are pretty set. I hope I see you ingame, My name is PabloSky11400 if you need any questions and have fun!

(User was banned for this post ("Didn't read the sticky" - verynicelady))