EmergeGaming Grand Opening Rust Server Join US!

EmergeGaming.net [US] PvP/Sleepers 1.4.14
Direct connect (F1) net.connect

EmergeGaming is a group of close friends formed in the public domain of servers of Half Life’s Counter Strike mod which has thrived through many tough and good times of challenging competition and casual play since early 2000’s . Fast-forward a decade + later were still around and were going to be around. Start of 2014 were kicking of the NewYear right with a brand new 150 Player server .

Who & Why ?

EmergeGaming has launched an ambitious project in the last 12 months to garner support in the Day-Z realm with support from the community & a hand few of celebrity Twitch stars has grown into the high-ranks of being a consistent Top10 server upon thousands of other server projects , with the success of that server have since then launched 2 more servers in total [3] 200+ slots of Bambis and Bandits, with over 600+ successful cheating bans , half-dozen admins ; We feel like were up for the challenge of 150 Newborn Cavemen . Starting today (1.4.2014) were exicted to join this adrenaline filled craze thats been bubbling through forums/streams/gamesites and offer a great Rust experience . We all hate waking to the weekend’s finding out our base has been cleared away due to an unannounced wipe , especially if there aren’t any huge patches in foresight ; we’re taking a very considerate calculated approach whether we announce a 1-2 week head’s up or have a forum based voting session . We want to do Rust the right way and expect more details to come via this post or @ our forums . Join the EmergeGaming.netcommunity visit the site and expect more updates .

TL,DR version
*Hate Admin Abusers/Random Wipes
*Vanilla Unmodified Rust - ( request changes/tweaks on our forums )
*# of Wipes : 0 (brand new)
*How-To-Connect:(F1) net.connect
*Server Name: EmergeGaming.net [US] PvP/Sleepers 1.4.14
*Server Slot: **150 **
*Site : http://www.emergegaming.net/
*TeamSpeak: emerge.ts.nfoservers.com
*Forums : http://www.emergegaming.net/forums/
*Number of Active&Humble Admins: 4
*Noob Friendly: Yes
*Sleepers/PvP: On
*Airdrops: Yes
*Server Events/Prizes:Yes
*Fall Damage:Yes
*Will i be banned for raiding admins?:FK NO

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