Emergency broadcast with Zoey.

C&C as usual.

Oh come on, none of this 400 views and 10 posts shit. At least make it 20 :v:

So many views and no posts, you guys dun’ love me :’(

everything is great actually - save for the background

the underplayed L4D storyline is fascinating

dood neic fayr efact, how u do that?

But seriously.

Nice job, really like the ticker and the video interface thingy.

Background doesnt fit but the news display is fantastic.

I didn’t recognize that as Zoey at first.

I think the camera should be zoomed out a bit more, but otherwise great!

Long Neck.

Not bad other than that.

Nice editing, posing and, especially, faceposing.

Background could have been a bit better but Zoey looks good.

Nice job dub.

Looks like a fakefactory model.

Wow, Zoey looks completely different with shorter hair. Was that a skin or a clever edit? Either way it’s awesome.

T’was an edit.

you should have picked Rochelle since it was her job before the infection

I spot a future Hunter in that riot pic.


actually, maybe three.

That’s pretty well made, good work!

Although as said, maybe camera zoomed out a bit more.

What he said.

Nice. She does look like an anchor. Should have said GMN (GMod News) haha. I know horrible.
How did you do her hair if you don’t mind me asking?

The stamp and bandage tool.

Zoey doesn’t really seem to fit with the ‘news reporter’ thing, she looks like she is nervous and out of place