Emergency services at a particularly nasty car crash

Give creddies to Joazz for making the smexie edit
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Holy shit, nice edit. Love the Slender man, tho he could have been more mystified. He doesn’t look scary enough now.

Joazz did the edit and Slendie was intended to not look scary but rather to seem like he’s there but your mind DOESN’t want to see him

Thanks, for a while I was afraid it failed.

Did you put the phong on his head then?

Can a mod change the title to “Tales Of Macabre #1: Emergency Services at a car crash”?


In the end i didn’t bother.

I saw the slender man and shit a brick.

god damn.

Good to know i made someone shit themselves, anyone got any CC?

The music made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. You have just created one creepy as Hell picture filled with suspence, terror and mystery. I personaly think this would look perfect out in a Country scene, then it would really be errie. Reminds me of horror films, the kind where you think it’s over AND THEN THE HAND COMES UP!! Sadly I can only give you one Artistic, but if I could rate more then once I’d click it well over fifty times.

Of course my editing has something to do with it? :smug:

Have well over fourty nine more Artistics.

Sorry to be annoying but can someone give me some CC On the posing?

Only thing I see is the one next to the guy in the chair, he looks a little twisted and tilted.

Yeah he was the last posed. i always do a bit bad on the last person posed

I’ve got to say this is excellent. I saw the faceless man before I read the story and I thought “What is that?”

Really good work here. Artistic’d.

Thanks for the crit.

Contrast is a little heavy on the edit.

Yeah, I’m not good at making night-time pics :confused:

I don’t get it, I just looked at 4 different threads that had that person/thing called slender man in it, who or what is he/it?

Look for the Slender man Thread in General Discussion.

And prepare to never sleep soundly again…